Tech Trek Campers for 2017

We are very proud to send our four campers, Greta Hendrickson, Grace Henken, Jolene Henrickson, and Carolina Tenorio, to Tech Trek camp this year in July of 2017. Time goes by pretty fast and it won’t be long until this summer camp begins. All four have already submitted their registration paper work and are excited about the prospect of attending camp. They will shortly receive more paper work from the camp, telling them what to bring, what to expect and giving them choices about coursework they want to focus on. The campers were honored and introduced to AAUW membership at the May 14 evening meeting.

The science and math summer camp was designed to develop interest, excitement, and self-confidence in young women who are entering the eighth grade. The camp is hosted by AAUW-WA and is a program of the national American Association of University Women (AAUW). Tech Trek began in 1998 in California and is being expanded across the U.S. to 15 camps in 12 states in 2017. Our first campers from the Stanwood Camano Branch were selected in 2014.

Each camper is first nominated by their respective science or math teacher at Stanwood Middle School or Port Susan Middle School and the finalists are selected based on essays and interviews by a team of AAUW members. When the panel selects the winners, a very important question emerges: Will going to a STEM camp truly make a difference in the education trajectory and motivation to stay on course in high school and college?

As most of you know, last year was the first time we awarded the Betty McCadden Tech Trek award. We established this award after Betty passed in 2015 and knew we wanted to always remember her and her dedication to AAUW’s Tech Trek and Scholarship Program. Betty was a stellar leader in both initiatives and her passion for education always stood out.
The camper this year is Jolene Henrickson. Jolene received two teachers’ recommendations and her essays on saving the environment with creative approaches stood out amongst the interviewing team.

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