President’s Message, November 2017

As we are all still catching our breath after a truly amazing Purses with Purpose event, November has somehow arrived! I know that the specifics of PWP will be addressed later in this issue, but I just want to thank each one of you who contributed to this two-year project – in ways big and small. It took all of us working together to pull it off. In our efforts to support the AAUW mission of advancing equity through advocacy, education, research and philanthropy, we exceeded our goals, built new relationships with each other and had a terrific time at the event itself. It is exciting to think of the educational support we can provide with these funds, so congrats to us all!

At our October meeting we had a chance to hear from three of the middle-schoolers we sent to Tech Trek this past summer, listen to our STEM scholars report on their senior year and future plans, and meet the two Stanwood High School representatives on the school board. It is always so encouraging to hear from these future contributors to our society.

November brings with it our newest endeavor –participating in Stanwood/Camano Give on November 28. We are testing the water here since we have just completed such a major fundraiser, but the impact of online giving to projects that benefit the local community is powerful. I view this as a way to get the message of our branch out there as much as to receive donations. We will start posting on Facebook on the AAUW page in early November and, as Georgi Proulx stated at the last meeting, the important thing for us to do is “share” each post, not only to “like” it. This will spread our mission and alert all our Facebook friends to look at the Stanwood/Camano Give site on November 28…and if anyone is inspired to donate to either Tech Trek or our scholarship fund, so much the better! There are many incentives for giving online throughout the day so it should be fun to monitor donations and be part of a learning experience for us as well. Some of us will be volunteering by putting up signs and manning the several physical donor stations in Stanwood and Camano. Please call me if you would like to join us – we could use a few more volunteers.

Traditionally, this month is one in which we give thanks, and I want to say that I am truly thankful to live in such a giving and community-minded area and to be a part of this organization of intelligent and dedicated women.


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