President’s Message – May 2017

First I need to mention that Lynda Buehring and her former colleagues did a wonderful job at the AAUW State Convention in North Bend on Saturday, April 22. They presented a program on Human Trafficking similar to the one we had here in March. Many branches approached her after the panel about having a panel present on this topic at their branches. It’s very satisfying to be able to make a worthy contribution to the mission of AAUW and it’s something that every one of our members can be proud of. There were 17 branches represented from throughout the state with about 70-80 people in attendance. Our branch was represented with a group of five: Mary Raymond, Helen Smith, Lynda Buehring, Janie Morgan and me.

I truly wish that I could have been with you on Saturday, but circumstances were against me. I have heard that the program was well received and I appreciate each person who was able to attend. Many thanks to Anne Milton for stepping up to officiate the meeting. For May, our meeting has traditionally been reserved for our STEM and Tech Trek scholars. This covers two of the three goals towards which we work every year. The meeting will be on Thursday, May 11 at 7:00 p.m. at the Stanwood Methodist Church. At this meeting, the high school STEM scholars will be recognized. We will also announce and present the middle school scholars who will be attending Tech Trek this summer. Parents, teachers and all the important people in their lives are encouraged to attend. Because we will have so many visitors, it is
important that we all greet them warmly and sit with them to make them feel welcome.

I recently had a letter addressed to AAUW-WA leaders forwarded to the entire membership. I consider you all to be leaders and/or potential leaders so I thought it important that you all receive this information. The most important note is in the third paragraph entitled Outlook Going Digital. As a cost-cutting measure at the national level, the limiting of hard copies sent by mail is necessary. Unless you each individually contact national at the links provided, you will no longer receive a hard copy of our quarterly publication. National needs our help in cutting costs. Please take this into consideration before requesting a hard copy.

In the most recent and final hard copy of Outlook on page 2 you will note that national will be imposing a dues increase of $10.00. This is an item to be voted on at the national convention and if adopted would go into effect July 1, 2018. Beginning on page 33 of this issue, you’ll find the AAUW National Election manual. Please take time to make an informed decision on all the positions and resolutions before you go online to vote. In order to vote you need both your member ID and the Voter Pin. Both of these numbers are just to the left of your address. You may vote online by going to and clicking on VOTE NOW. For a paper ballot you need to request it not later than May 4; e-mail or call 800.326.2289 to request a ballot. You need to include your name, member ID number, city and state when you make your request. Paper ballots must be postmarked by May 29.

Our branch has proven itself to be timely in its consideration of issues both with the March panel on Human Trafficking and in the review of the book, Hidden Figures, presented by Jackie DeFazio last November (see Outlook, p. 32). As our year winds down, let’s take all we’ve learned and find ways to positively apply these things in our daily lives.


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