Officers and Activity Leaders

President: Mary Raymond
President-elect: Leslie Gitomer
VP-Finance: India Nishi
VP-Finance-elect: Lilija Tushinski
Secretary: Lesley Bentley
VP-Membership: Norma Mouton
Membership Assistant: Martha Huyler
VP-Program: Lynda Buehring
Program Assistant: Valerie Spagnolo

Activity Leaders
Purses with Purpose: Jackie DeFazio, Gay Campbell
AAUW EF and LAF: (open position)
HS STEM Scholars: Helen Smith, Joan Cresup
Scholarships: Anne Milton
Tech Trek: Leslie Gitomer, Elaine Richards
Volunteer School Partners: Helen Smith
Media Coordinator: (open position)
Public Policy: Cathlin Starke
Candidates & Issues Forum: Laura Lewis, Elaine Richards
Newsletter: Martha Huyler, Georgi Proulx
Communications: Georgi Proulx
Historian: Carolyn Spector
Diversity: Linda Lynn
501(c)(3) Compliance: Jackie DeFazio
Title IX: Connie Carr
Book Group: Katie Farrey
Day Trippers: Lynda Buehring
Movie Group: Anne Milton, Georgi Proulx

Branch mailing address:
P.O. Box 2652, Stanwood, WA 98292