October: Recognizing Students in Our Community

The Stanwood/Camano AAUW has had a relationship with the community for many years. Each year we sponsor middle school students to attend Tech Trek, a STEM camp, during the summer and we give two scholarships to students who have been in college for three or more years to help them continue their education. This month’s meeting will host the many students that have been recognized by AAUW this year and two students that are members of the Stanwood/Camano School Board. Ashely Peterson and Omar Figuero represent Stanwood High School and Lincoln Hills High School respectively. They have been chosen by their leadership teachers as students that represent a commitment to leadership and will represent their respective schools as members of the School Board. These two students have been in leadership roles throughout their high school careers. They will explain their role on the School Board, how they were chosen and their roles in their schools during senior year.
Please come and join our program this month to be part of recognizing students that have made a difference in our community.
Coming up in November, our guest speaker will be Retired Colonel Tracey Meck, USAF. She will share her experiences from her military career, her journey in Spain, and her passions now as a community volunteer.
Come early to the October 12 meeting. Join us at 12:30 p.m. for a social half hour. Enjoy a cup of coffee, a snack and a visit with friends.

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