2017 Scholarship Winners: Claire & Morgan

Claire Mason, Morgan Shimkus

We awarded our 2017 scholarships on June 25 at the Scholarship Tea at the home of Joyce Leak. Claire Mason and Morgan Shimkus were each awarded $4,000 to continue their undergraduate studies following a competitive application process where their scholastic achievements, rigorous studies, community involvements and volunteer contributions were highly noted.

Claire Mason started her college career at Everett Community College in Running Start and is now at the University of Washington. She is pursuing a degree in international studies with a special emphasis on Middle Eastern Studies. Her goal is to achieve a law degree within this specialization and was recently accepted into the Jackson School of International Studies. At the University of Washington, Claire’s academic courses demonstrate focus, rigor and an above 3.5 grade point average. She continues to volunteer with Stanwood High School’s leadership program and was Head Counselor at the Mt. Olympus Leadership Camp in Randle, WA. Additionally, her high school teacher at Stanwood, wrote: “Claire plans to study international relations; she will not only be an excellent student but an exemplary ambassador for world relations with the US. As a strong intelligent kind young woman, I can only imagine the young girls she may someday inspire.”

Morgan Shimkus is a graduate of Lakewood High School, and was a community college attendee at Everett Community College’s Running start program. Morgan is now enrolled at Carroll College in Helena, Montana where she will attain her BS degree in physics. She plans to continue her post graduate education and earn a doctorate degree in physics with her ultimate goal to be a NASA physicist. Morgan’s rigorous studies, academic grades and volunteer contributions are remarkable. Her college professor said: “Morgan is a fearless young woman who is not afraid to speak her mind but is also considerate of the sensibilities of others. I fully expect that she will continue to perform near the top of her class at Carroll and am happy to have her enrolled as one of our relatively few female physics majors.” Morgan is a member of Track, the Honors Program and the Engineers without Borders Program where she recently helped build a school in Guatemala.

~Anne Milton

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